Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Pumpkin Patch Princess

I had a great morning yesterday! We both had the day off so we headed out to Belgrave so Ayla could pick out a pumpkin. The weather was perfect to be outside and Ayla was happy! I got some great pictures of my little girl who took over the pumpkin patch. We checked out the big pumpkins first and Ayla and Daddy picked out the perfect pumpkin to carve. Its a nice round pumpkin with a flat top and the perfect stem! We then found a great white pumpkin (which my 4 year old niece has told me is quite! Ayla then checked out the little pumpkins. She picked up one and decided it was coming home with us. Her third choice was the one she decided to eat! Teething makes kids do strange things! Need I say more... We then moved on to "the gross stuff" as my husband put it! Squash!!! I love squash...It looks so pretty and tastes delicious. I guess he disagrees with me! We got squash and gourds to complete our outdoor decorations! This morning Ayla and I went out to look at the outside of our house and the gourds made her giggle hysterically! No idea why but better laughter than tears I guess. We ended up getting one more big pumpkin before we left and then went for lunch as a family.

I came home and was looking at the pictures and thinking about some outdoor pictures I had taken of us last fall. At some point this summer, my baby turns into a little girl...When I have no idea! A little girl who fed herself her oatmeal with a spoon all by herself this morning. A litle girl who figured out how to empty all the balls out of the pool table last night a t the Legion. A little girl who can scoot up the stairs fast as lightning. A little girl who can catch and throw a ball. A little girl who can turn on the lights in her room from her crib. A little girl who flirted so much with a boy last night that his cheeks turned pink (sorry Travis lol). A little girl who gets into the bathtub all on her own. A little girl who surprises you by pulling you in and giving you kisses unexpectedly. A little girl who throws tantrums when flirting doesn't work. When did this happen? A year ago she couldn't sit up on her own and now look!!!
Its Thanksgiving and I guess the point to all of this is how thankful I am for Miss Ayla! She's so gorgeous, loving, stubborn, and such an immense blessing! She's made me a better person and a stronger woman! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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